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For The First Time Every User On Our Network Can Control The Ad's & Money Earned. Connect With Over 100 Sponsors & Raise Funds From All Of Your Activity Online/Offline(This Includes Other Networks/Websites)...PLUS For $1 a Month or $10 Dollars a Year You Can Get a Customizable Public/Private Social Network, Let Us Help You...

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Contact Us To Schedule A Phone Interview To See If You Qualify For Free Funding/Marketing/Education Through Our Non Profit. We Use Our Donations & Revenue To Help Make Sure Any Small Business Can Succeed & Also Grow.

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We Offer A Wide Variety Of Services & Programs, That Are Geared Towards Education, Career Developement and Income Generation. One Example Is Update Records: A Non Profit Record Label and Management/Promotions Service, We Are Able To Utilize Our Connections For Opportunities Like Donated Studio Time And Musical Production.

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As the value of our network increases so does your value, when we succeed we promise to share the results with the users of our network, what will you create now that your in control of the value earned from your online/offline activity.  Don’t forget that we are the only non profit social network that you can find online.

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It's About Love

          Back In 2007 we were the first website to offer online fundraising through an open or private social networking setting. Since 2006 we have been creating unique and personally designed environments to help people reach any monetary goal for any cause that they may have…

          We have a patent pending system that allows users to control the advertisements when they are using our website and when they are creating/building through our website.



Thank you for visiting please let us know if you have any questions or advice/recommendations.  We are always eager to find new ideas for programs/services that you may think are needed in your community, we are available to anyone in need world wide.

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