NNN – No New News? – 5/28/20 – 2 black teens were suspended for wearing their hair in dreadlocks, and now their mothers are suing the school district

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deandre arnold
DeAndre Arnold, 18, made national headlines after his school suspended him over his hairstyle. He attended the 2020 Oscars as a guest of the actress Gabrielle Union.

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  • The parents of two Texas students have sued a school district after they were suspended for wearing their hair in dreadlocks.
  • The mothers of 18-year-old DeAndre Arnold and a minor identified in court documents as K.B. have asked a judge to order the school district to rescind its policy forbidding male students from having hair that falls “below the eyebrows, or below the ear lobes.”
  • DeAndre was even told he couldn’t walk in his high school graduation ceremony unless he cut his hair.
  • The lawsuit alleges that the hair policy was discriminatory because their white classmates didn’t have to make the same choice between their culturally meaningful hairstyles and their education.
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Two mothers have sued a Texas school district after their children were suspended for wearing their hair in dreadlocks, one of whom was even told he couldn’t walk in his graduation ceremony unless he cut his hair.

DeAndre Arnold, 18, made national headlines over the controversy earlier this year. He defended his hairstyle, saying the locs were a way to honor his family’s Trinidadian culture.

According to the lawsuit, DeAndre’s 16-year-old cousin, who is identified in court documents as K.B., was also continually monitored, reprimanded, and given an in-school suspension over his dreadlocks. The lawsuit alleges that DeAndre and K.B. suffered racial and gender discrimination due to the school district’s rules, which violated the students’ constitutional rights.

“These grooming policies ultimately present Black students with an unfair choice: either wear their hair in natural formations and be deprived of adequate educational resources or conform their hair to predominant Eurocentric hair aesthetics to receive the same educational opportunities as their white peers,” the lawsuit said.https://www.youtube.com/embed/9W0ghN3CaHg

The lawsuit said that both boys ultimately withdrew from the school and enrolled in a new high school “to avoid further discrimination and disruption to their education, causing significant trauma and turmoil to their emotional health and development.”…..Read The Rest At Yahoo.com

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