Unique Artistic Clothing and Custom Designed Edible/Flavored Clothing.  50-100% of Every Purchase Goes To O.R.G(Uncommon)

Artistic Clothing

We have a selection of over 30 different unique and styles of artistic clothing and accessories for sale.  O.R.G gets 50-100% of every purchase.  You can even use Klarna to pay in multiple payments.

Customized Edible Designs

We will discuss your wants and wishes and put together customized designs that we guarantee you haven’t seen anywhere else.  All of the designs can be made edible or flavored for even more fun! 

It's a Fundraiser

Help us sell our clothing or find someone to start a customized design and you can earn rewards for your cause.  We also give special bonuses during the holidays and for birthday purchases.

Opening hours

We’ll be happy to accommodate your wishes. If you need further information, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.